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The Wayward Queen Attack is performed in 2 moves by white that can also lead to a Scholar's mate.

Arising from:

  1. e4 e5
  2. Qh5

Many beginners can easily fall for a Scholar's Mate or losing a rook on the fourth move by a fork.[1]

yeah but how do i do the wayward queen attack

The Wayward Queen Attack[]

The principal behind this move is to take the pawn on e5, fork the king and rook (on h8) by taking the pawn on e5 after black moves the pawn to g6, or to attack the weak f7 pawn and try to deliver a scholar's mate.


  1. 2... g6 is a very common move through beginners. After the Queen takes the pawn on e5, the king and rook are forked and if played incorrectly can lead to several more pawns or pieces (and possibly even checkmate) later on.
  2. 2... Nc6 is the best move for defending the pawn as it develops a piece and prevents the fork, but you have to be prepared for 3... g6, if White wants to go for a Scholar's Mate.
  3. 2... d6 isn't a bad move but it blocks the development of your bishop and makes your light squares a little bit weaker.
  4. 2... Qe7/Qf6 is a great way to shut down the attack as you can simply trade off the queens and (voila!) the attack is gone.
  5. 2... Nf6 is a move known as the Kiddie Countergambit, which while letting White take the e-pawn with the Queen, it also enables Black to get lots of tempi on the queen.
  6. 2... Ke7?? is the Bongcloud Mate and lets Black get checkmated on the third move of the game after Qxe4#.

Defending Against The Attack[]

(Defending against Scholar's Mate)

2. Nc6 is the best way to defend your pawn and shuts down the fork. Another move is Nf6 which shuts down the scholar's mate but sacrifices a pawn.

In conclusion the best way to stop the attack is 2. Nc6, Qe7/Qf6, push the pawn on the f or g files, or any other means of defending e5 and f7.

  1. 2. Qh5 g6? 3.Qxe5+! Be7 (or Qe7) 4. Qxh8