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This is a type of draw called stalemate.

The aim of chess is to Checkmate. There are different types of checkmate (smothered mate, Anastasia's mate etc.)

The smothered mate is when the king is surrounded by his own pieces and a knight which can jump over the pieces.

The back rank mate is another common mate where three pawns are in front of the king and a rook or queen is on the same rank as the king and can be avoided by making a luft by moving the F or H pawn (A or C pawn if the king castled queenside and moved to b8) so that the king has somewhere to go.

The Fool's mate is the quickest type of checkmate and only takes two moves to accomplish. It is extremely rare though because white (the losing player) has to make both an inaccuracy and a blunder.

The Bongcloud Mate is the quickest checkmate for White and takes three moves to accomplish. It’s because Black decided to move his/her king to a spot where the queen and bishop are blocked by the king, and the king cannot take the pawn. That’s the worst time to play the Bongcloud.

The ladder mate is a checkmate where all the king's adjacent ranks or files are all occupied by queens or rooks. If a pawn is near the king, it can prevent the mate by blocking the queen or rook.