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The Gem Gang is an episode of Geronimo Stilton.



  • Geronimo Stilton
  • Trap Stilton
  • Sally
  • Benjamin Stilton
  • Garry Guovov
  • Thea Stilton
  • Simon Squealer


It all begins on a boring day at the office, Thea Stilton is reading a book, Trap Stilton is taking a nap and Benjamin Stilton is playing video games. Geronimo passed the time by playing Chess against a bot, which is at the endgame state in which the White Queen checks Geronimo’s Black king and the King escapes. They can’t stand it and Geronimo hopes that they will receive news but then he is surprised and defeated by a computer doing a Checkmate. Geronimo protested that he could never beat a computer which Thea said was true. Geronimo then said that he would rather play chess with a real player any day. They received a call and Trap responded that they received an invitation to spectate the Match between Gary Gouvov, Chess Master. Geronimo also said that it would be good news. Benjamin then begins his search for the news and states that BC1 is going to be the first chess computer to beat a Chessmaster. Geronimo begins to worry about what will they do if the story is up. Thea offered to let them do it in Geronimo’s place. Geronimo then begins to give a list of contacts to Thea. Trap begins to set up some travel arrangements for going there and they take the route to sea via Fish trawl.

At the Squeaky Island Hotel. The guests arrived and settled along with Trap and Geronimo the Announcers announced both competitors. As the player is settled the announcer asks what color he will play. His bodyguard said that Gary prefers to use his chess piece set. As he inspects, he notices a missing white pawn. Gary said that he would never play until his set was complete. Trap then begins to take his place for a while to play against the computer. And Geronimo looks on and that it will be humiliating.

Benjamin and Thea are still investigating the crime scene. Sally ordered her guard to kick them out. They kicked them out of the store. Thea, enraged tried to charge back inside but Benjamin noticed a Chess piece, A white pawn. They noticed a Goon and they began a chase. Sally begins to go after them. The duo begins to distract the Goon but they get cornered and during the chaos, Benjamin loses the piece and they go after them.

At the Squeaky Island Hotel, The audience got bored due to Trap getting defeated by a computer OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Geronimo and the Scientist said that Trap would never win.

The chase ended at the pier. Thea and Benjamin scout the pier. Benjamin noticed the motorbike and noticed a shadow. Then he stowed away in a speedboat heading for Squeaky Island.

Back at the Hotel, BC1 is beating Trap over and over again. Geronimo urges him to give up but Trap decides to overload the computer and then Trap begins to fix it.

Trap tried to fix the Machine but to no avail. Benjamin then arrived at the Hotel to inform Geronimo about his adventure leading him to his uncle. Trap heard something was coming and they hid behind the Chess computer. To avoid detection they decide to hide inside the Chess computer. The announcer asked that the match continue and the announcer called the audience to head back inside for the main event. Now that they are stuck. Trap pushes some buttons causing it to malfunction. Benjamin tries to take the controls using his Tablet. Trap said the match was starting and the Trap asked why all the people were staring and Geronimo said that in a chess game, White moves first. Trap carelessly pushed the button causing the board to knock off. Benjamin suggests to Geronimo play the game. Geronimo begins to doubt but Benjamin assures that Geronimo has the confidence to beat him and Benjamin handles the controls.

The game opens with D4 and then Gary responds with D5 making it the closed game opening. The game reaches into the middle with the players sweating. They now begin using Bishops, Rooks, and Knights. And Geronimo soon begins to Checkmate Gary by taking out his queen cornering his black king and Angry knocked the black king down.

Geronimo sighed in relief and Benjamin and Trap told him that he won and beat a chess master. Geronimo smiles. The Professor then begins bragging that his machine is superior and Geronimo reveals himself. The Professor asks what did he inside the machine and reveals that he played chess against the master. Benjamin the face to face with the bodyguard and then proves he is right. Gary and his bodyguard rushed to the plane to escape. Geronimo pondered why the bodyguard returned to the city and retrieved the pawn and chased Benjamin for it, then he asked how many diamonds were stolen. Benjamin said it is 32, Geronimo, Trap, and Benjamin begin to stop the criminals. They reached the airstrip and Stilton Trio used the fire engine’s water hose to slow the plane down. The police arrived to intercept them, The detective asked why is the cause of it. Geronimo then states that the stolen gems are hidden in the briefcase Gary is holding. The detective opens the case and reveals that it is just a chess piece set and Geronimo reveals that the diamond is hidden in a secret compartment of the piece by unscrewing it revealing the diamond. Benjamin then stated that the way is to smuggle diamonds for years. The police then take Gary and his assistant to jail and the detective thanks Geronimo and

Geronimo then begins to broadcast the news. Afterward, Benjamin and Trap asked why he never mentioned that he beat the Chess Master. Geronimo then begins to be humble and not to brag. Thea then picked up the call revealing the angry Professor. Benjamin, Geronimo, and Trap left the office in a huff leaving Thea with the phone. AT SEA Sally and her assistant are stuck in the middle of the sea due to Thea giving them the pamphlet and getting attacked by seagulls. Ending the episode.


  • BC1 or Blue Cheddar One is a reference to a chess computer called Deep Blue.
  • Gary Gouvov is a reference to a chess master Garry Kasparov
  • It is also reveal that Geronimo is a good chess player than Trap.