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Stalemate is a situation in which the player whose turn to move has no legal moves (when the King cannot move and other pieces of the same color cannot move due to being blocked or pinned) and is not a checkmate. Stalemate ends in a draw.

The King is not in check, but any other squares surrounding the King are controlled by enemy pieces. Also, the other pieces cannot move; they may be blocked (like the Pawns) or pinned.

The main pieces in a stalemate situation are: Queen, Rook and Pawn, supported by the King.

When two players only have a King remain, it's also a draw, but it's drawn by insufficient material.

Position #1[]

See the board on the right. If the black King moves to b8, it will be captured by the white Queen. If it moves to a7, the white Queen will capture it diagonally. If it moves to b7, the white Queen will also capture it. Thus, the Black King cannot move anywhere, and it's not in check, so it's a draw by stalemate.

Stallo tipo A

Position #1

Stallo tipo B

Position #2

Position #2[]

See the board on the left. The black King cannot take any of the Rooks because the white King or the other white Rook will capture it. The blank squares on the left and right for the black King, c8 and e8, are both controlled by the white Rooks.

Position #3[]

Stallo tipo C

Position #3

See the board under Position #1. If the black King moves to c8 or e8, it will be captured by the white passed Pawn. The black King can't capture that Pawn, or the white King will capture it too.