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Sheldon Wong (born 13 July 1960) is a Jamaican chess player who now resides in wikipedia:Orlando, Florida|Orlando, Florida. He holds the National Master titles of both Jamaica and the United States.


In 1976, the 16-year-old Wong won the Jamaican Chess Championship and became the country's youngest National Master.[1] That same year he represented Jamaica at the World Student Team Championship in Caracas, scoring 3½/8.[2] In late 1976 and early 1977 he played for Jamaica at the World Junior Chess Championship in Groningen, where he was awarded a brilliancy prize for his win against the Israeli junior champion Nir Grinberg.[3] After winning his first three games to co-lead the tournament, he suffered five consecutive losses, eventually finishing with 5½/13.[4] He won the Jamaican championship again in 1977,[5] and represented Jamaica at both the World Student Team Championship in Mexico City, where he scored 7/13,[6] and the 1978 Chess Olympiad in Buenos Aires, where he scored 7½/14.[7]

He later moved to the United States, where he gained the National Master title in 1992; however, he has played no rated tournaments since 1997.[8]

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