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Blackburne-Kloosterboer gambit

That's how the gambit starts


That's the position we got.


The position we got after all this.



The blackburne-kloosterboer gambit was played by Joseph Blackburne. It is an agressive gambit which starts of 1. E4, D5 2. 2. ExD5, C6. White play Dxc6, we are not taking that pawn, we do Qc7, that's how we play. White takes cxb7 and now we play Bxb7. Yeah, we are 2 pawns down, but we will have terrible attack on black in a while. White usually play Kf3, and we answer with Kc6. If white play Be2, we make a long castling. Yeah, our opponent will say that we went nuts, but let him see what happens next. White will mostly castle short, so their king will be safe and they'll start an attack on our king, BUT he doesnt know that his king is not safe. After that, we play Kf6. D3 most played move and after that we play Kg5 and white thinks like "Haha, what are you trying to do? Checkmate me? Nah, my knight is defending that pawn." And he will play h3 and here, we dont push our knight away, instead we play H5! We are sacrificing our knight and if white takes Hxg4 we take Hxg4 too and now, we get our knight back, because if he pushes his knight away WE CHECKMATE HIM WITH Qh2! If he plays like Ke5, we just get our knight back by Qxe5.

If they dont take our knight, and just develop their pieces instead by Kc3 or something like that, we are gonna play Kd4, we are attacking our opponent's knight by our knight and if he takes we checkmate him with Qh2. If he dont take our Knight, we anyways have a terrible attack on his king. Our white bishop is looking at king's side, we can get our rooks there and start attacking with pawns and also our queen is looking at kings side. Nice position.


Opponent will rage


Checkmate if he/she is greedy.

Allright, but what if he plays not Kf3, and something like Bb5? We just block our king with Knight on c6. Then we do all the same, we make a long castling attacking his castle with Kg4, he plays H3, we play H5, he won't take (if he isnt braindead), he does something like d3 and we are attacking his knight with Knight to d4. Then he is ready to take our knight, goes hxg4, hxg4 and here he can play G3, we just take the knight with our bishop and if he plays Bishop to A6, we are not blocking with bishop we just go away with king to b8, he thinks he is a genius, plays Bishop to f4, he thinks like "ha-ha, loser, I pinned your queen to king, hehehehaw, now I am winning", but we dont need this queen, we just play Rook to H1 mate. If you take with knight to f3, it's check, he has to give you the queen, so he won't be checkmated. I guess you will win that position. If he is greedy and play King to g2, you checkmate him with Rook to H2.