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Royal Mancala is a meta-game, which has a royal piece that functions like the king in Chess. It was suggested by Ralf Gering on June 2, 2006, who was inspired by Awele Bohnanza.

The object of these games is to capture the opponent's king, to mate him. Royal mancala can be played with one or several royal pieces per player. In the later case the goal is to capture all royal pieces of the enemy.

The meta-rule can be used in all mancala games in which each player circulates his seeds separately.

Royal Hawalis, Royal Hus, Royal Azigo and Royal Mbelele are some games which can be created by this rule. On the other hand, Cups cannot be turned into a "royal" game as seeds don't move in a circle, which would make a king an easy prey.

Additional modifications may become necessary to get a working game:

  • The royal piece could be allowed to move even if it is a singleton (in Hus)
  • The royal piece may not capture
  • The royal piece must be sown last in a lap

A related meta-game is Mancala Bohnanza.

External Links[]

The rules to the above-mentioned Mancala games can be looked up at Mancala World.


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