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a b c d e f g h
8 a8 rd b8 nd c8 bd d8 qd e8 kd f8 bd g8 nd h8 rd 8
7 a7 pd b7 pd c7 pd d7 pd e7 pd f7 pd g7 pd h7 pd 7
6 a6   b6   c6   d6   e6   f6 g6   h6   6
5 a5   b5   c5   d5   e5 f5   g5   h5   5
4 a4   b4   c4   d4 pl e4 f4   g4   h4   4
3 a3   b3   c3   d3   e3   f3   g3   h3   3
2 a2 pl b2 pl c2 pl d2 e2 pl f2 pl g2 pl h2 pl 2
1 a1 rl b1 nl c1 bl d1 ql e1 kl f1 bl g1 nl h1 rl 1
a b c d e f g h
1. d4

The Queen's Pawn Game is the second most common opening move for white. It is characterised by the move:

  1. d4

In contrast to the King's Pawn Opening, games beginning with d4 are typically closed games, though there are some exceptions of transpositions to open games.

Black’s responses[]

Popular responses[]

Similar to King's Pawn, there are a staggering number of potential openings.

Irregular Queen’s Pawn games[]

Unnamed responses[]

  • 1... f6. This is a bad move because it blocks the knight from developing and does not take any space in the center. It does control e5 but there are better moves to control e5 like d6 and Nc6.
  • 1... c6. This is a solid move that although it takes away the natural square for the knight, it prepares an attack in the center by pushing a pawn that is used for defending. 2... e4 transposes into the Caro-Kann Defense, but if white wants a Queen’s Pawn opening, he/she can play c4, Nc3, Nf3, or f4.
  • 1... h6. This move is very passive, does not develop anything, and is rather a waiting move.
  • 1... a6. This is also another passive move that has absolutely nothing to control the center and just wastes a move.
  • 1... a5. This move is also very passive, though it threatens to bring the rook out to a6, but white can stop it by playing e4.
  • 1... h5. This move is very passive and weakens the kingside at the same time. The rook is already prevented from developing because if Rh6, Bxh6.
  • 1... Nh6. This is the second worst response to 1. d4 behind the Borg Defense because then the bishop can take the knight and black will have doubled pawns on move 2. This seriously weakens the kingside.