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A move is literally the action of moving a piece to another square (without Capture).

("Move" in this paragraph includes the action of capturing) In a chess game, white will always be the first to move. The players take (alternating) turns, moving once each time. If a chess clock is used to keep track of time, a player will push their corresponding button after playing a move. When a player is unable to play a move, the game will end.


Each piece moves differently. See pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king to learn about their respective moves.

  • A piece cannot move to a square if another piece of the same color is already there.
  • A piece cannot move to a square if a piece blocks its path (bishop, rook, and queen).
  • A piece cannot move off the board.
  • A piece cannot move off a diagonal, file, or rank if it is pinned to the king.
  • A king cannot move into check
  • A king must move when checked

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