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Why we have all chess openings[]

Well you're not the only one in the world playing chess and you might surprise your opponent with a new opening.[]
An other important issue is that you might think the openings are in a chess program. Wrong.[]
All opening variances is missing and you would rarely know when the opening finish, evaluations for best next moves etc. []
It's also interesting that Tournament Players and Grand Masters spend most of their time preparing Openings before a Game.[]

Opening Examples


 Scotch,Sea-cadet mate in 10 Moves![]
Nice Queen sacrifice.[]

Barnes Opening: Fools Mate[]
An Opening you don't want to use .. mate in 2 !![]

The longest opening line - Ruy Lopez -  Marshall, Main line, Spassky Variation (C89)[]

(The position is even after 18 moves!)


Well you won't win a chess game purely based on the opening but you can get well of by studying and playing the openings here also to avoid lethal opening trapsLike the one below. The middle game and the endgame does the final trick. That's why we also have Chess Puzzles, Middle Game Tactics based on Real Games, Checkmate Exercises and Endgame Strategy.[]

Train Daily Tactics[]

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