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The mann (plural mannen) or man, also known as Sage, Archer, Rath, Counsellor, or Guard, is a fairy chess piece that may move to any adjoining square. It is similar to the king, but it is not a royal piece (i.e. it is not subject to check and checkmate), and it cannot castle. The mann is used in many chess variants, including Roman Chess, Knightmate, Courier chess, and Quatrochess. It does not exist on, unfortunately.

Placement & Movement[]


The starting Posision of Mannen is different in the versions they appear in.

In Roman Chess, White's Mannnen are on c1/h1; Black's Mannen are on c10/h10. The Same thing applies for Knightmate. In Quatrochess, Mannen are on e5/e10/j10/j5.


The Mann can move one square horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If the square is occupied by an undefended enemy piece then the Mann may capture it.


Possible moves of the unhindered mann