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  • The longest decisive chess game is 237 moves (Fressinet-Kosteniuk [pictured], Villandry 2007). It was won by Black.
  • The longest tournament chess game (in terms of moves) is 269 moves (Nikolic-Arsovic, Belgrade 1989). The game ended in a draw after over 20 hours of play. 10 games have been 200 moves or over in tournament play. In theory, the longest chess game can go up to 5,949 moves.
  • The longest game in terms of time is the game Stepak-Mashian, Israel 1980 was 193 moves and lasted 24 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The longest game without a capture is in 2000, Meijfroidt-Lenoir lasted 72 moves without a capture before White lost on time.
  • The longest recorded time for a chess player to make a move goes to the International Grand Master Trois from Brazil with two hours and twenty minutes on the seventh move.
  • The longest game ever played in a world chess championship was Game 6 of the Carlsen-Nepo World Championship, which lasted 136 moves and took 7 hours and 47 minutes to complete.