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Larsen's Opening (ECO code: A01) is an opening named after Grandmaster Bent Larsen.


Larsen's OpeningEdit


Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Classical VariationEdit

1.b3 d5Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Dutch VariationEdit

1.b3 f5Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: English VariationEdit

1.b3 c5Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Indian VariationEdit

1.b3 Nf6Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Modern VariationEdit

1.b3 e5Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Norfolk Gambit 1Edit

1.Nf3 d5 2.b3 Nf6 3.Bb2 c5 4.e4Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Norfolk Gambit 2Edit

1.Nf3 d5 2.b3 c5 3.e4Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Paschmann GambitEdit

1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6 3.f4Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Ringelbach GambitEdit

1.b3 e6 2.Bb2 f5 3.e4Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Spike VariationEdit

1.b3 Nf6 2.Bb2 g6 3.g4Edit

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Symmetrical VariationEdit

1.b3 b6Edit

Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack: Polish VariationEdit

1.b3 b5Edit


This simple opening moves the knight's pawn out of the way, allowing White to fianchetto quickly. Although Larsen was successful many times using this technique, the opening proved to be helpless during the 1970 USSR vs. Rest of the World match against Boris Spassky.


The most common response for Black is 1. ... e5, which cuts off the bishop's scope.