FANDOM is an online chess website. It is popular for chess players of all ages and skill levels due to its user-friendly play, non-hardcore membership, and its many features (some usable only by members). It is headquartered in Moscow, the capital of Russia (which is known for producing many chess masters), and has an international membership. Even if they are not members, people from all over the world can play chess against each other and chat at the same time. The website also features a club forum where members can discuss a wide range of topics. It also has several other unique options such as customized games, custom opponent search preferences, and searches by a player's User Name, though most are for members.

Other FeaturesEdit provides many options during a game, such as the "takeback last move" option (which must be asked for and accepted by opponent), and extensions on the timer, which varies from 1 to thirty minutes. The website also features a search engine that analyzes the chances of victory for White and Black at any given move, and shows how many other games (on that website) ended in the same position. During play, the moves are recorded in algebraic notation and players can keep track of which pieces they currently have. During and after the games, players can propose to their opponents such things as "Play another game?" or "Let's draw?" For non-members, these options are available, too (though their chat is limited to selected phrases).

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