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Hexapawn is a game played on a 3-by-3 board with six pawns. It could be considered a chess variant. Each player starts with 3 pawns on their side of the board. Pawns move and capture like they do in chess, except that they can't move two spaces from the starting row, and therefore can't do en passant. The goal is either to advance your pawn to the opponent's first row, or cause a situation where the opponent cannot move.

It was invented by Martin Gardner. It is purposely very simple, so that it can be used for machine learning.


  • Remove the win condition by getting a pawn to the opponent's row.
  • Instead of winning by getting to the opponent's row, promote like in chess.
  • Change the size of the board, and with it the number of pawns.
  • Replace the pawns with other pieces, like rooks or bishops (bishops or knights would be pretty interesting).