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Evans Gambit is an agressive chess opening starting with the moves: It's ECO code is C51-C52.

Evans Gambit
a b c d e f g h
8 a8 rd b8 c8 bd d8 qd e8 kd f8 g8 nd h8 rd 8
7 a7 pd b7 pd c7 pd d7 pd e7 f7 pd g7 pd h7 pd 7
6 a6   b6   c6 nd d6   e6   f6 g6   h6   6
5 a5   b5   c5 bd d5   e5 pd f5   g5   h5   5
4 a4   b4 pl c4 bl d4 e4 pl f4   g4   h4   4
3 a3   b3   c3   d3   e3   f3 nl g3   h3   3
2 a2 pl b2 c2 pl d2 pl e2 f2 pl g2 pl h2 pl 2
1 a1 rl b1 nl c1 bl d1 ql e1 kl f1 g1 h1 rl 1
a b c d e f g h
Evans Gambit
  1. e4 e5
  2. Nf3 Nc6
  3. Bc4 Bc5
  4. b4

White's idea is to control the center, by playing c3 with a tempo and then playing d4. The name of the opening comes from the surname of William Evans - Welsh chess player and captain.

Possible responses[]

Black can either accept the gambit (Bxb4) or decline it (Bb6). After accepting it, if white plays 5. c3, black has three main responses:

5. ... Ba5 (Main Line)

5. ... Bd6 (Stone-Ware Variation)

5. ... Be7 (Lasker Variation)

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