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Slime Description
Sparkly Slime A glittery and glamorous style for pink slimes
Heavy Metal Slime Years of rolling polished this rock slime style
Angelic Slime An even more beautiful and radiant style for phosphor slimes
Tiger Slime A wilder, stripier, tabby slime style
Radiant Slime A rad slime style that cranks the gamma rays to eleven
Arcane Slime A very magical but still very explosive boom slime style
Royal Jelly Slime A honey slime style that’s even tastier on toast
Lilypad Slime A style with a lovely flower that’s nurtured by its puddle slime
Ruby Red Slime A sparkling style that really turns up the heat for crystal slimes
Cheshire Slime A positively mad style for hunter slimes
Monochrome Slime Unlock a door to another dimension with this quantum slime style
Devilish Slime A slightly sinister style for fire slimes, or perhaps devil-lite
Nebula Slime A swirling, whirling, inter-galactic style for dervish slimes
Nightshade Slime Don’t eat the flower on this tangle slime style, even for three mana
Shattered Slime An array of suspended desert glass captures this mosaic slime style
Pre-Jellasic Slime A style fashionable with the great-great-great grandaddy of saber slimes
Boomerang Slime A quicksilver slime style with no weakness, save for the time stopper
Retro Slime ØⱠᗪ 5CⱧ00L gӀìէçհ §Ⱡiᘻe

Old School Glitch Slime

Gilded Slime An elegant and winged gold slime style that you will hardly ever see
Guardian Slime Good fortune comes to those that see this lucky slime