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This is a list of people who have contributed to WikiChess. Feel free to add your name here, when you have contributed with articles. See also:

User name Real name Country Notes Gender
Robin Patterson Robin_Forlonge_Patterson New Zealand Born 1940, still going strong M
Liliput (not available) United States Founder Male
(not available) Jonathan Tsang England, United Kingdom Edited rules of the game (see chess)
Pieguy48 (not available) United States Joined a while back (19 Feb.) Male
Ember Nickel (not available) United States Edit this message. Seriously.
DiZ (not available) United States I created a couple of articles. (see Middlegame, Sicilian Defence)
Casmith_789 (not available) United Kingdom Creted some articles (Scholar's Mate, French Defense, did some other edits, see Casmith_789)
Akira-otomo Akira Otomo England Basic copyediting.
Artichoker (not available) United States Revamped the Main Page. Male
GrandMattster Matt Boren United States, Utah Created about 50 articles. Male
helen China edit message femaie
Venz412 Venz Lauron Philippines edited at least 30 pages Male
Syhill (not available) Canada created 45 pages Male