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Preliminary Draft[]


1) The Championships is open only to squads of 4 players who are all members of the same ChessHere Team (ChessHere Team is a Team that is registered at See the list of ChessHere Teams here);

2) Every ChessHere Team may nominate several squads for the Championships;

3) Each player is allowed to participate only in one squad at a time.


4) The squads are nominated by the ChessHere Team captain;

5) In the squad application ChessHere Team captain must provide this information: Name of the ChessHere Team, name of the squad, nicknames of the 4 members on the squad and their respectable board numbers (board 1, board 2, board 3, board 4), ratings of the players as of the moment of application, squads contact persons name (it may be the ChessHere Team captain even if he is not on the squad himself);

The Divisions[]

6) All the squads are divided into groups of six squads;

7) The groups are called Divisions and are organized according to the average ratings of the squads. The higher the rating, the higher the Division the squad plays in;


8) In every Division four tournaments are played with six players in each tournament – one tournament for the 1st boards of that Divisions squads; a tournament for 2nd boards boards etc.;

9) Each Tournament is started as a rated invitational tournament without rating limits;

10) The rate of play is 3 days/move;

11) The tournaments are started by players nominated by the Tournament Director with the name provided by the Tournament Director;

The Results[]

12) After all the tournaments are finished, squads place in the Division is determined by the sum of points accumulated by all the members of the particular squad. If the points are equal, the result of squads 1st board is the first tie-break;

13) The two best squads of that Division advance to a higher division, 3rd and 4th-place finishers remain in that Division; squads placed in the 5th and 6th places are eliminated to lower Division.

14) The winners of the highest division are proclaimed the Team Champions of!

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