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Hi and welcome to wiki page!

Every member is invited to contribute to this Wiki. Want to paste game comments? Want to analyze games together with other members? Want to run Championships but don't know where to post the results in an accessible form? This is a great place to do all of that!

Wikia is a free wiki hosting site that runs on the same technology that the famous Wikipedia Encyclopedia uses – the MediaWiki engine. Registration and hosting is free!

If you want to learn how to edit Wiki pages, just check out this tutorial from Wikipedia.

If you want to register at Wikia and edit this and other pages related to ChessHere, just click here! ChessHere community waits for you!

Editing wiki pages is easy, MediaWiki engine provides you with WYSIWG editing toolbar. Even more! The OpenOffice 2.3 Writer that you can download for free from website has a new feature that allows you to export files in MediaWiki format! You can write your documents in OpenOffice (or Word and use OpenOffice just to open the Word document and export it MediaWiki format) and export them to MediaWiki! Creating text with Hyperlinks and advanced formating doesn't require knowledge of HTML or Wiki syntax. Only tournament tables require some effort, but it's also not hard wen you learn how to do it. See tutorial on Wikipedia.

The Mission[]

The original purpose of this wiki was to create a framework for organizing ChessHere Team Championships. A wiki page that can be edited by several users seemed to be an excellent tool to run a tournament like that. The regulations and results could be stored at one place and be easily accessible for everyone. Of course wiki wouldn't be limited only for this purpose – other tournaments could be run here – Knock Outs, National Championships, Thematical Championships – every form of Tournaments that consist of several stages and are hard to organize with the tools available at ChessHere. This wiki could also be used for joint analyses of finished games, comments that otherwise get flooded in the Forums or Blogs. On a wiki site everything can be tagged and will be accessible for ever (ok, not really :) )!

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