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A chess tournament is a series of chess games between two or more opponents, played competitively, played to determine a winner.

The Rules[]

Usually tournament games will be played with a chess clock, a device which is used to determine the amount of time each player will have to play.

Usually both opponents will be required to record their moves using algebraic notation, so that if there is a dispute the tournament director will be able to sort it out. The one eception to this rule are blitz tournaments, in which the players are not given enough time to record their moves.


Usually chess tournaments use a simple point system to show how a game has gone and how many points a certain player has scored. A win will mean the winner gets one point and the opponent zero. A draw results in a half-point for each opponent. At the end of the tournament, the points will usually be totalled up unless it is an elimination chess tournament, in which case points are irrelevant. The player who scored the most points wins.

Different Systems[]

The most commonly used systems are the Swiss System, the Round Robin System, and the Elimination System.