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A Digital Chess Clock

Chess clock

An Analog Chess Clock

A chess clock is a device used in most chess tournaments. It's purpose is to set a time requirement for two opponents to finish their game in or, in certain cases, a certain amount of moves.

A chess clock works by using two clocks, both set into the same frame. The clock will be placed beside the chess board so that both players can easily reach it. When one button is pressed, the player's time who pressed it will stop, and his opponent's clock will begin to count down. Any player that had run out of their time or has been "checkmated" loses the game. So even if you are approaching to win the game, running out of time will make you lose the game automatically.

Analog versus Digital[]

There are two basic types of chess clocks. The first is the analog clock and the second is the digital. While analogs are still used, they have fallen out of favor and have essentially been replaced by the more modern digital clocks.

Clock Apps[]

Apps and onlineclocks such as or has become more and more popular in small amateur tournaments since they are cheaper than ordinary clocks and have the benefit, where you can project the clock on to a larger TV for the audience to see.