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Early Life[]

Robert James "Bobby" Fischer was born in Chicago on March 9, 1943, and was brought up in Brooklyn by his divorced mother. He was born in Chicago and died in Iceland in 2008. He had an ELO rating of 2780.

Bobby Fischer rose to prominence when he played International Master Donald Byrne in 1956. The game became known as the Game of the Century because of many spectacular moves made by Fischer when he was only thirteen years old! Here is a link to a study of the game:

The next four years were superb for Fischer. He played many games in US Championship and in that time won or drew every single game he played! He became the youngest Grandmaster in previous chess history.

Bobby Fischer began to play international and world championship games. He crushed Russian ex-world champion Tigran Petrosian in the Candidates Tournament for a match with another Russian, Boris Spassky, the world champion.

The match was off to a wobbly start. The first game was lost and the second was forfeited. Spassky was winning. Then in Game 3, Fischer turned the match around by demanding a non-spectator or camera game. This game was won by Fischer. The rest of the match was pummeled by Fischer. He secured his victory by Game 21. He became the first US chess champion in history and had by that point faced all the Russian chess champions. He died at age 64. The number of squares on a chess board.

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