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The meaning of board wise is 'the length of the board'. For example, the Queen can travel the whole length of the board or board wise. This phrase may often be found in chess-handbooks. In order for something to travel board-wise, the way of which it is to travel must be clear. For example, a Rook (which can travel board-wise backwards, forwards, left and right) can not travel to the other side of the board, if, say a Knight was in the way(this is a possible situation).

More Examples[]

The Queen and Rook have already been used as examples, but, here may have to be again. The reason why: the only other piece that can travel board wise is the Bishop. All pieces that move board-wise have a choice to travel a few squares or the whole board. No piece can be forced to travel board-wise. So, if the Bishop wanted to travel four squares diagnally, to take a Queen (good move!) nothing can make him have to go to the board end (this would have to be another direction because only Knights can jump). Another one for the same problem is a King is in check, a Rook must travel 3 squares to the left to defend, it doesn't have to travel to the end of the board (this would mean checkmate, opposing team wins).