Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 23 August 2021

Lost 14 pieces to none - but win in 16

SPOILER ALERT! Neat-looking problem. Position would have needed a lot of cooperation, which someone could perhaps document for us. Seems h3 is the key and don't let Black move any pawns.

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Vendellium Vendellium 24 August 2020

Beacon Chess

This blog post details a variation of chess called Beacon Chess.

In normal chess, pieces usually can not alter their basic move pattern based on what pieces are around them. What I mean by that is that a queen will always have the same mobility as a rook combined with a bishop no matter what pieces surround the queen. So too, a pawn can only move one square forward or diagonally if capturing, and this almost never changes. The only times it does is with en passant for pawns and castling for rooks and kings. These special moves allow the constituent pieces to make moves that would otherwise be illegal.

In Beacon Chess however, the mobility or possible moves a piece can make is actually altered by what pieces are around it. The move abilities of a…

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JustLeafy JustLeafy 5 September 2019

A game made an event entirely devoted to Chess

Yup, you heard me. A game made an entire Battle Pass season out of Chess, which is pretty cool and unusual.

If you're not familiar with Pixel Gun 3D, it is a Minecraft-style shooting game available for iOS and Android. They have a Battle Pass in this game, and as of the post date of this blog, the most recent season is Chess Season. It includes Chess themed items, such as weapons, structures and trails.

In my opinion, though a Chess themed season would be cool, I wish it was a back to school season because right now would've been a perfect time for it.

If you want to read about this season, you can see here: w:c:pixelgun:Battle_Pass#Chess_Season.

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Superwatery Superwatery 4 September 2019

Goal in this wiki

  • Removing every red links
  • Complete evry stubbed pages and expand articles
  • Delete superfluous articles
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Superwatery Superwatery 7 April 2019

Adopting the Wiki

Do you guys mind if I adopt the wiki? The admin was inactive for like a decade, and this wiki needs to be monitored. I'm very good at keeping the wiki organized and I'm also good at designing the wiki. If you let me adopt the wiki, then I will keep this wiki clean and even colorful and it will be more organized than before. 

BTW, I'm 80% stronger than average players in chess, so I can give very well-written strategy as of how to win in chess. :)

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Starcheck Starcheck 8 July 2018

Coolest Chess Team Names

I saw this on another site and decided to list some of my favorite chess team names here.

1...KxQ+N: The Simpson Defense 4 Quartz 4 Sale 4.5 Mil Or the Preacher Gets It 9 Inch Pawns on Tour A Day at the Pawn Races Adam's Family Aging Chess Nuts (Senior Team) A Knight in Capablanca A Little Knight Music All Chessed Up With No Mates to Go Altered Mates A Rook with a View Any Portisch in a Storm AT&T True Moves Attackamania B2-G2 Bad Bishops Baked Elasker Beavis and Butt-vinik Bedtime for Pawnzo Bent on Larseny Be Reti With a Crying Tal Better Bishop Bureau Billy Jean's Queens Bishop Tolstoy and his Warrin' Pieces Board Lords Bobby Boomers Bogo Knows Chess Bouncing Checks Boutrous Boutrous Ghali Piece Keepers Bust Line Developer…

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Ninjakai6478 Ninjakai6478 13 April 2018

Tactic Suggestion

A good tactic below!

Hi. I, Ninjakai6478, love chess. I've been playing for a long time, and am quite good. I came up with an extremely effective tactic I call, "Flight oof the Pawns", in which you release pawns first, then use a queen to chase the king, and checkmate with a pawn. It is quite easy to perform, is an efficient tactic, and most of all, Extrmely Effective. I have used this tactic to defeat my friends, and it works every time.

  • Move the pawns (all) over time.
  • Move queen to opposite side of the board.
  • Chase king with Queen.
  • This causes the king to expose itself to the pawns.
  • Chase king with queen until a pawn gets checkmate.
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RePeat RePeat 1 July 2013


If you see this, please respond. :P

RePeat|02:00|July 01, 2013

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Chesscrazy036 Chesscrazy036 13 May 2013

Admin attention

Hello are there any active users of this wikia please reply

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