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4-player chess (also known by various brand names) is an adaptation of chess to 4 players. It is played on a board that is 8-by-8 but with a 3-by-8 extension on each side, so it looks like a cross.


  • Pieces are placed as in a traditional chessboard at each player's first row in the extensions.
  • The king and queen placement varies.
  • Pawns move forward and attack diagonally forward only. You are allowed to use en passant.
  • Castling is done the same way as in normal chess.
  • Pawns may promote upon reaching any player's first row.
  • A player may only respond to check on his/her own turn. Similarly, a checkmate is only validated on that player's turn.
  • A stalemate is when the player whose turn it is cannot move.
  • A checkmated player leaves the game, but his/her pieces remain on the board (although they can't move).
  • The last player standing wins.
  • In a variant, the king is captured like any other piece instead of checkmated, and the capturing player gets to use the captured player's pieces.
  • Additional rules are often added to prevent teaming with other players.
  • Team games may also be played. Players at opposite sides of the board are teammates, and cannot capture each other's pieces, and a king is only considered in check if an opponent piece can is attacking it. The game is over when both players of one of the teams are eliminated.

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